January - Enter Chaos was founded as a band with members of other well know polish bands such as Azarath, Devilyn, Dar Semai, Demise, Aural Planet and ex-Immemorial female singer Marta.

February - signed a deal with the biggest Polish label Metal Mind Productions.

April - the line-up changed due to various reasons (tours and recording sessions of the main bands). At this time, Enter Chaos became a regular band.

May/June - recorded the debut album "DREAMWORKER" in 10 days at the studio Hertz by Slawek & Wojtek Wieslawscy (Decapitated, Dies Irae, Trauma). The album is a collection of 9 death metal songs with Swedish and American influences, some of them with psychedelic elements, and the At The Gates cover "Cold". The cover art was created by GRAAL (Behemoth, Theory In Practice, Mutant, Grief Of Emerald).

August 28th - The album was released in Poland. "Dreamworker" got fantastic reviews in Polish magazines and webzines like: Metal Hammer (4,5/5), Trash’em All (10/12), Multum In Parvo (9/10), MetalHeart (9/10), Masterful Mega’zine (9/10), Nocturnal Battle Of Chariots (9/10), 7 Gates Mega-Sin (5/7). Also the band got very good reviews from media abroad: in Swedish Urkraft Webzine (9/10), Dutch Aardschok (78/100), Norwegian Scream Magazine (4/6), Spanish Necromance Mag (9/10), American Digitalmetal.com, Romanian Hot Metal And More (4/5), Canadian Metallian (album of the month). Vocalist Marta did approximately 50 interviews for Polish magazines and radio stations abroad. The band received great feedback from Polish fans and abroad too.

November - "Dreamworker" was released in Russia (under licence of CD-Maximum).


January - Enter Chaos "Dreamworker" has been choosen as debut of the year on British radio station Totalrock's "Sex To 9 with Maria" show! Album has made it to the "Honorable Mentions" of the Best Newcomer Category on the Online Metal Awards.

February - The Polish Metal Hammer magazine published the results of the readers: BAND OF THE YEAR - 5th Enter Chaos, ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2002 - 6th "Dreamworker", BEST DEBUT - 2nd Enter Chaos, BEST SONG 6th - Blood Desire, HOPE OF THE YEAR 2003 -4th Enter Chaos, MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR - 10th Marta, PERSONALITY - 6th Marta.

March - Enter Chaos was featured in the webzine section of Swedish Metal as the International Spotlight for the month of March. On March 28th the band played first gig ever!

April - the band played two important gigs. First on the biggest Polish festival Metalmania 2003 (April 5th) together with Samael, Opeth, Saxon, Vader, Marduk, Anathema, Malevolent Creation and Sweet Noise and second as a support for Polish Cannibal Corpse and Sinister gig (April 22th).

October/November - new album "Aura Sense" was born at Studio X with a producer Szymon Czech (Demise, Vesania). Szymon, who is guitarist of Nyia and Third Degree, wrote also two tracks together with L.Rambo and recorded guitars in these songs. Henri Sorvali (Moonsorrow, Finntroll, The Wicked) did some weird samples and keys parts for album. Cover artwork was done by Niklas Sundin of Cabin Fever Media.


March - "AURA SENSE" was released. Metal Hammer describe Aura Sense as album "with death metal riffs and vocals, but progressive arrangments and thinking". This album got better reviews than debut album like for example Metal Observer (8,5/10), Metalreview (14/18), Monster Magazine (4/5), Powerplay Magazine (9/10), Rock Hard (8,5/10), Metal Hammer (4,8/5), Nocturnal Battle Of Chariots (9,5/10), Ancient Spirit (9,5/10), DeadFall Radio (9/10), HMAS.org (9/10), Rockmetal.pl (8/10), Soulburner (4/5), Walls Of Fire (4/5). This time Sure Shot Worx agency took care of Germany and did very good job.

April - Metalmania 2003 DVD/VHS is released by Metal Mind Productions. 24 videos from the bands like: Opeth, Anathema, Marduk, Vader, Samael and 3 videoclips from Enter Chaos: Industrial Disease, ...And The Angels Sing and Lost In Ecstasy.

September - the band appeared on an At The Gates tribute album "Slaughterous Souls : A Tribute to At The Gates" released by Basque label Drowned Scream Records. This month EC started also working on our 3rd album "Chaosville".

December - "Aura Sense" was chosen as Maria's #1 album of 2004 on British radio station Totalrock's Sex to 9 with Maria. Also "Aura Sense" was chosen by the listeners of Totalrock's Sex to 9 with Maria as their #2 album of 2004.


February - this month the band planned to record the 3rd album "Chaosville" at Studio X, but unfortunately Metal Mind didn't pay for studio.

April - Enter Chaos have decided to leave label Metal Mind and are looking for a new label.

Marta - vocals (also in Kayzen, was in Immemorial)
Mark - drums (also in Demise/Harmonogram, was in Moon/Damnation)
Marcin - guitars (also in MaYday, was in Dar Semai/Immemorial)
Sebastian - guitars (was in Dar Semai)
Michal - bass (was in Carnivorous/Lapidarium)

- Dreamworker (Metal Mind 2002)
- Aura Sense (Metal Mind 2004)

- Ultimate Revenge DVD (Metal Mind 2003)
- Metalmania 2003 DVD (Metal Mind 2004)
- Slaughterous Souls: A Tribute to At The Gates CD (Drowned Scream Records 2004)


Enter Chaos - Aura Sense
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